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Your best shot, crazy face, make-up variations for special occasions…You can upload various expressions on our new app GooLook Selfie and see which one of your expressions are most popular from people around the world. You can communicate with users worldwide while having fun with your pictures, and this is a new type of SNS which uses “facial communication.”

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Insecurity on Heaven – Celebs and Plastic Surgery

Stars or celebrities have so much on their plate as compared to most people. To them, it’s not about fame and money, but they do realize this when it’s a bit too late, when their lives do not belong to them anymore. While they might portray some strong characters on TV and screen, at the end of the day, like most people, they are left searching for their identities. 

Public Court: The Stars Cannot Afford To Make Mistakes

The stars cannot afford to have a single misstep in their behavior, they cannot get angry with anybody, and go for shopping freely without being denied time to be himself or herself. However, somehow they appear to do everything wrong. They are considered uppity when they cannot wait to sign those autographs and when they wait to sign for the autographs; they are trying hard to attract people. Each and every person can fail in one way or the other in their career. But the price of such failures is not significant for the ordinary people when compared to stars. Thus they cannot afford to fail. The public puts a high premium or celebs and they people are normally very excited when a star fails. It’s anxieties like this which normally lead them to think they can extend their career for a longer time, if they go for plastic surgeries.

Stars Will Go for Some Changes in Their Appearance

Celeb plastic surgery has a long history and it has become less expensive but not often for stars. Imbued with anxiety about their looks and appearance, and competition, they are more than willing to undergo some dramatic changes, even if they have to strip or fall for a while. However, there is a thin line between a person so much concerned about his or her career, and is therefore opting for plastic surgery and another person constantly finding fault with her or his appearance, notwithstanding the number of plastic surgery procedure they undergo. 

The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Causes Anxieties about People and Their Appearance

Mentally sound stars or celebrities are frequently satisfied with the surgical procedure done on him or her, and will not start looking for another excuse to go

for plastic surgery. However, the other kind of celebrity is one that might be having what is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD.

Insecurities about Physical Appearance will Make the Most Beautiful Stars go for Plastic Surgeries

A person suffering from this will constantly find fault with his or her personal appearance and will end up spending more time in plastic surgeon’s office than at home. The person will also become quite obsessed with her or his appearance flaws so that he or she cannot divert attention to other kind of works whether it is career related or work related. It’s not normally one or two predefined flaws which the person sees or discovers in his or her physical appearance but a chain of corrections which keep cropping up out of blues, as if such person can be perfect through going for plastic surgeries

This kind of attitude towards this procedure is basically a mental disorder. It should be differentiated from attempts to get rid of wrinkles and appear attractive through adding breast implants and butts. Each one of us, to some extent, is vain in a way and the stars can be allowed to be more than the rest due to their career requirements.


Some of our insecurities are related to the look and behave. However, a person should be able to deal with his or her looks and behavior. The stars should know that they too are the most beautiful people on earth, thus should love themselves the way they were created!

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What annoys Matthew C Martino the most

He’s never one to get annoyed that easily but film producer Matthew C Martino has admitted that people calling him a director or people who think he’s a director really annoys him. He made his feeling about this known during an interview with Pop Fiddle on Monday evening.


The AllStar producer commented ‘Nothing is as annoying as everyone assuming or thinking that I’m a director, I can’t direct and wouldn’t want to anyway, It’s like seriously you go on my IMDB page and you see the 1 directing credit and the dozen producing ones and still you think I’m a director’ Martino said


Martino’s producing credits include Tales of The Supernatural, Lets Fly Documentary, Ortega and His Enemies and a string of short films. Martino has also produced music videos and commercials; He is set to produce his first theatre production in late 2014 however the show might not go live until 2015 as Martino is currently on annual leave.

Martino’s publicist Carol Suvarov commented on the issue saying ‘If Matthew didn’t know better he would think his PR team are pushing the wrong image out there about him. If he does decide to direct someday this is a decision we would very much welcome’.

Martino’s producing credits include Tales of The Supernatural, Lets Fly Documentary, Ortega and His Enemies and a string of short films. Martino has also produced music videos and commercials; He is set to produce his first theatre production in late 2014 however the show might not go live until 2015 as Martino is currently on annual leave.

Martino’s publicist Carol Suvarov commented on the issue saying ‘If Matthew didn’t know better he would think his PR team are pushing the wrong image out there about him. If he does decide to direct someday this is a decision we would very much welcome’.



Celebrity Actor David Fernandez Jr And His Incredible Film Career!


When it comes to Hollywood there are only a select few of very talented actors that can pull off multiple roles.Whether it be in action films like “End Of watch” with Jake Gyllenhaal or dramatic roles and memorable in depth characters in movies like “A Father’s Journey” Actor David Fernandez Jr brings the talent!  David is now currently working on a number of new films including “The Man on Carrion Road” also starring Patrick Wilson and John Leguizamo! Keep an eye on David~ and his incredible talent and growing movie portfolio!!

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BMW and Men Style Fashion 2013 Awards honor Supermodel/Actor/Sam Sarpong with “Star of the Year” award


Beverly Hills was the location as tons of paparazzi lined up for hours before the press conference

party to get a shot of Super Model/Actor/BET host and Rapper, Sam Sarpong who was going to

be honored at the 2013 Awards For Men Style Fashion Magazine as “Star of the Year”. Men

Style Fashion which is one of the top fashion magazine’s and sites in the world out of Europe

along with BMW Beverly Hills and Ear Bombz honored Sarpong as their “Star of the Year”.

Sarpong who has had an incredible 2013, plays one of the leads in the up coming show “Average

Dad” and has 6 films due out by summer 2014, including “Crossed the Line” in which he plays

the male lead opposite Ice T. He just wrapped the pilot “Taylor’d Problems”, the show is about

an NFL star in which he plays a fast talking agent. Sarpong describes it as being the new

Entourage and “I’m a nicer version of Ari”.

This year Sam also presented best international act Africa and UK at the 2013 BET awards as

well as co-hosting their Oscar Special with Access Hollywood Star Shaun Robinson. Sam was

also a presenter at the Sag\Aftra Icon Action Awards. Men Style’s Senior Editor said, “There are

a lot of sayer’s in this industry but actions speaks louder than words and Sam Sarpong shows us

how for Men Style Fashion.”

On the fashion side, Sarpong also received an “Icon in Fashion” award earlier this year at the

BEFFTA Awards in the UK. He also recently signed as the new celebrity Spokesperson for

Bulova new watch Caravelle New York and will appear in print ads next year.

Sam pulled up to the this exclusive party in a 2014 BMW i3 which he became the first driver in

the US to actually hit the streets with the car. The car has not even been priced in the US. The

party which was held at Fatty’s Bar and Restaurant in Beverly hills had a very tight VIP guest list

which included Superman producer Ilya Silkind, Director Ken Kokin, Dolce Gabbana Super

Model Christian Monzon, Parenthood star Brooklyn Mclinn, actress Lauren Pennington from the

hit show “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” and who also plays’s Sam’s girlfriend in “Crossed

the line”.

The event was a great night which concluded with Ryan Nix Bay Productions President Adam

Cook presenting Sarpong with his award, which was followed by a very heart felt and emotional

speech by Sarpong who thanked everyone who made his dreams possible. Press also got to see a

sample of Sarpong’s up coming Reality\Documentary Show which deals with the ups and downs

of the entertainment. The trailer looks amazing.

Next up for Sam next month he starts shooting the Feature Film “Battered” in which he plays a

baseball star and he will also release his highly anticipated single “Boy London” from his up

coming album next year titled “Lose My Mind”.

Credits: koi sojer,Marc A. Littlejohn,Curtis Sabir,Bustle Clothing,James Lyon, eGlamour Photography

The Importance of Having a Good Music Talent Booking Agent

If you are a musician, you know that your job is to play and perform music. There are many aspects to playing and performing music that need to be addressed and they cannot all be done by you. A music talent booking agent is someone you are going to need to take care of the logistics of you being able to perform at different venues. Just as it is important that you put out the best performance on your live shows, it is important that you get the best deals and everything is taken care of to make your job of performing easy. The Music talent booking agent that you employ will take care of all the necessary details from getting the venue to taking care of the security to seeing that your equipment arrives at the venue to the stage and lighting details. It is the job of the music talent booing agent to take care of all the finer details that make your job of performing just that.

A music talent booking agent is also responsible for promoting your act and getting you deals in the music industry. The music talent booking agent works on a percentage that is earned by the musicians he represents. It is not only his job to promote the musicians but it is also his job to organize the live events and to do all the planning that is necessary to see that these events go smoothly for the musicians.

Having a good music talent booking agent means that musicians can concentrate on their music, and know that every other aspect of their business will be taken care off. Finding a good music talent booking agent can make a big difference to the career of the musician. When looking for an agent the musician has to consider a few things. It is essential that the agent can get the best deals for the musician while seeing to it that he promotes their career. Not all agents can deliver the best and it is important to get an agent who is interested and devoted to promoting the musician while the planning and execution of the logistics for every event makes it easy for the musician to concentrate and give their best to the event.

As a new musician it can be difficult to get a reputed agent to represent you though this does not mean that you cannot get an agent who will do the best for you. Since agents work on a percentage basis of what their musician clients make, it is important for you as an upcoming musician to be able to offer the agent your time and ability to make his job easier. Though the agent is someone who works for you, it is also important for you to remember that getting a good agent to represent you can also be something that is difficult to find. A good music talent booking agent can make a difference to the career of an upcoming musician.

Celebrity sighting Super Model Sam Sarpong shopping at Louis Vuitton store in Toronto’s Yorkville with Model/Designer Jenny Nikovola



Supermodel/Actor Sam Sarpong has been one busy guy lately. Two weeks ago he was seen all over town at Mercedes Benz World Master Card Fashion week. Also, hosting the event of the week the launching of Caravelle New York watches by Bulova. The party was a Who’s Who of Canada. Guests included Pinball Clemons, Chad Owens,Kardinal Offishall , and many more. Last week, Sam was seen all over the talk show circuit in London as he was in town to receive the prestigious Icon In Fashion award at this years 2013 BEFFTA Awards and Shoot his very hot new 2014 ‘‘Boy London” campaign with the UK’s current top model Carly Stratton.  Yesterday he was seen shopping with model and designer Jenny Nikovola shopping in Toronto’s trendy Yorkville area at the Louis Vuitton store and then hours later grabbing a coffee at Starbucks. The two laughed and looked very engaging.When we contacted Sam’s PR for a comment, they simply stated “Sam and Jenny are very good friends and are no way shape or form dating.” They also just did a shoot together for Men of Style fashion which looks amazing!! ”Next up catch Sam in the up coming film “No Weapons” and  “Trigger” and in the series “Average Dad” playing opposite “My Name Is Earl” star Jaime Pressly. Sam will also be a Presenter next Sunday, November 10th at one of the biggest award shows this Holiday season, The Icon Action Awards honoring women in Hollywood in the stunt industry.

photos snapped by localiez magazine paparazzi



The BEFFTA awards were held a few hours ago in London. This is the UK’s most prestigious awards show in Europe,celebrating the people of color. Awards were handed out in a standing room only crowd. The audience saw Beverly Knight win best female act and Beenie Man take home best international Caribbean act radio personality. Veronica Gordan also took home radio personality of the year. Supermodel Actor Sam Sarpong was also in town to receive his icon in fashion award for 10 years of excellence in fashion. Sarpong and designer of the year Award Winner Kwame Korentang were swamped by ladies on the red carpet as they posed for photo after photo after the awards show. Sarpong the actor who has 6 Films due out by Summer 2014 will also star in
one of the most highly anticipated shows next season called “Average Dad“. He was on everyone’s Best Dressed list wearing a Custom Suit by Kwame who dressed him for the night and a Caravelle New York Watch with Louis Vuitton shoes. The world Renown Fashion Blogger Stacey Heart stated “He always gets it right, he is Mr Fashion and he makes anything look good! “Congratulations to all the winners and BEFFTA’s for another great show.